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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  August 12, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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home. >> people like myself, alcoholics. >> reporter: he spoke openly about his addiction and relapse after 20 years of sobriety. he was in rehab this summer. but he also had a life-long struggle with depression. williams was found in a locked bedroom of his tiburon home by his personal assistant yesterday morning. >> and entered the bedroom to find mr. williams clothed in a seated position unresponsive with a belt secured around has neck with the other end of the belt wedged between the clothes closet door and the door frame. he was slightly suspended in a seated position. the inside of mr. williams' left wrist had several acute superficial transverse cuts. a pocketknife with a closed blade was located in close proximity to mr. williams. >> reporter: his wife last saw him at 10:30 sunday night when she went to sleep. investigators say when she awoke the next day, she assumed he was still asleep in another bedroom and left the house. he was being treated for severe depression.
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it's not clear if he left a sue note. >> everybody's experience of the disorder is a little bit different. >> reporter: this ucsf psychiatry professor didn't treat williams. but in her experience, depression doesn't always lead to suicide. still, she says williams' past drug and alcohol addictions were a sign he could eventually take his own life. >> people who feel like they are trapped, uhm, you know, that there's no other way out for them, uhm, that are in, you know, either in chronic pain or their psychic or physical, you know, uhm, who may be in this case struggling from, you know, a history of substance abuse, uhm, you know, they -- that's kind of like the tipping point that whole idea that there's no way other out -- there's no way out of the pain that they're suffering. >> reporter: it is not clear if he left a suicide note. the coroner also performed toxicology tests to see if any drugs were in his body. the results will not be known for two to six weeks.
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>> that's so sad. it's so tragic. >> really is. >> reporter: there are no words to express what we heard today. >> terrible. linda, thank you. williams had deep roots in the bay area. he lived much of his life in marin. kpix 5's betty yu spoke with people who knew him. >> reporter: veronica, robin williams really left his mark here in marin county where he went to high school and college. almost every everyone here can tell you a story about him. today i spoke to one man who knew him as a talented student. >> wow, i mean, wow. what can i say? it still hasn't hit me all yet, you know? >> reporter: from his home in tiburon, to this theater in mill valley, the news is still setting in. >> oh, yeah. you know, a lot of ghosts in here, a lot of ghosts. >> reporter: he was williams' drama teacher at the college of marin when a disastrous rehearsal of "oliver" revealed a glimpse of the future. >> for 15 minutes, he did this whole comic routine off the top
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of his head 20-year-old kid and, uhm, we were all on the floor in hysterics laughing and i went home and told my wife that night, i said, i have just seen something amazing. and i said, this young man's going to make it big in this business. >> reporter: others came to know him through his life in marin. >> i think he saw himself reflected in everyone's eyes and it was sort of his mission to make you laugh. >> reporter: he made people laugh and he was famously generous. >> he did a lot for us. he gave us a lot of scholarship money. we have been getting scholarships from him for about 20, 25 years. >> reporter: and now everyone here is trying to understand how their friendly neighbor, a world famous comic, could be lost to unbearable sadness. >> a lot of performers have this quality of giving, giving, giving, almost to a fault. >> he's like a moth to the flame. he just burned-out.
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he finally just -- it all burned out. >> reporter: outside his house right now, people have been coming by all day to drop messages and flowers for robin williams. many of them only met him briefly some 10, 20, even 30 years ago. but they will all tell you that he was a genuinely kind husband, father, neighbor, actor and above all else human being. veronica? >> definitely hear that a lot. all right, betty, thank you so much. today, hollywood still paying tribute to robin williams. stunned fans came out to watch the laying of a wreath on williams' star on the hollywood walk of fame. at the laugh factory another tribute from fellow comedians who said williams could even make god laugh. >> for someone who makes other people so happy, for him to be so distraught where he can't even live another day is heartbreaking. >> there have also been many tributes to williams online. the academy of motion picture arts and sciences tweeted out
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this scene from the movie aladdin in which williams was a voice actor. the caption -- genie you're free. live look now outside the house of the san francisco home where "mrs. doubtfire" was filmed where a memorial is continuing to grow tonight. a large crowd has gathered outside his classic victorian at steiner and broadway. the owner says people are welcome to keep leaving flowers and other tributes as long as they want. the memorial will not be disturbed. ahead at 6:30, the owner's special connection to one robin williams' most famous roles. our coverage continues on we have posted photo galleries and interviews along with information on how to help someone who is dealing with this kind of depression. just look under top stories tonight another major hollywood death to tell you about. legendary actress lauren bacall has died of a stroke this morning at the age of 89. she became a star in her very first movie alongside humphrey bogart in to have and have not.
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she was just 19 years old. instantly it made her one of hollywood's leading ladies. she married bogart in 19 la and they were together until his death in 1957. she married bogart in 1945. we'll have more on the life of lauren bacall at 6:30. in other news tonight sights like this one will be severely curtailed in many parts of the bay area. harsh new water restrictions will soon be going into effect in a couple of water districts. first, kpix 5's juliette goodrich on how east bay water wasters could be cut off. juliette. >> reporter: hi, ken. it's getting serious. waste water and your water could be cut off or restricted. it sounds pretty drastic. sounds pretty harsh. but really what east bay m.u.d. is saying it's just an added level of alert. we all know or should know by now, brown is the new green. but take note of this, water wasters. new among water regulations
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would make some water usage illegal and according to east bay m.u.d. >> we have the authority and we will if needed restrict someone's water or cut them off if they are a flagrant water waster, inappropriate during this drought. >> in order to declare a water shortage emergency -- >> reporter: take note. at today's east bay m.u.d. hearing emergency drought regulations were announced making it illegal to flood pavement with runoff or water lawns more than twice' week. no fines are involved but the district could install flow restrictions on mains leading to homes of persistent water violators. how many times have we seen this thing on the back of a car, wash me? the new thing is -- don't. you must have shutoff nozzles on hoses if you wash cars and boats. officials are investigating water complaints and the
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complaints have gone up. our water waste complaints have gone up from a dozen a month to over 200 last month so certainly our customers are paying attention. >> reporter: customers have cut back usage by 10% since february. this control center is monitoring water levels 24/7 and despite some water wasters out there, they say many are doing their part to conserve. >> so it's clear, water wasters, people are watching and they are e-mailing those complaints or calling east bay m.u.d. there will be no fines imposed as of yet. they are following suit with statewide regulations. >> east bay m.u.d. says there has been an increase in reports of water wasters in recent weeks. san francisco is applying
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its own restrictions on water use. the public utilities commission commission today passed an emergency order for outdoor irrigation calling for a mandatory cutback of 10% beginning next month. it also prohibits waterwaysing activities such as excessive runoff. using a hose without a shutoff nozzle. and rinsing off driveways and sidewalks. it took more than four hours to clean up a crash on the foster city side of the san mateo bridge. a cement truck collided with two box trucks and other vehicles this morning causing diesel fuel to spill across the highway 92 freeway causing traffic to back up to hayward. the lanes were cleared around 1:00. the highway patrol says injuries in the crash are minor. san jose's legal fight to try to get the oakland a's has moved to the next round. the federal court of appeals in san francisco heard oral arguments today. san jose wants the court to toss out special antitrust rules for major league
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baseball. those rules give the league the power to block the a's move. >> it doesn't happen in football. it doesn't happen in basketball. it doesn't in any other sport not in america in the world any sport can move where it wants to. >> the a's owners are not directly involved in the lawsuit. the u.s. supreme court is expected to be asked to hear the case no matter which side loses. the sale of the los angeles clippers basketball team is a done deal after a court ruling today. former microsoft ceo steve balmer is the team's new owner. a judge has officially ended donald sterling's fight to keep the team. the court says his estranged wife shelly sterling has the authority to make that sale. still ahead, finally under the microscope. rape kits that have gone untested now leading to new suspects but why are so many still sitting on shelves? >> a bay area company's answer to the drought. the unique way they are
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transforming rainwater. >> and the surfers are loving it. why these california waters are warmer than usual and who is not so happy about the change. >> change in the sky today south bay. you woke up it was sunny, then, yeah, cloud cover moved in. temperatures not that warm. we'll talk about why it happened, how long it will keep happening, and what's going to happen when you have a weekend coming up. that's next. ,,,,
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break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. minor. 69-year-old 'ventje singkoh' of daly city was tn a bay area pastor is in jail accused of lewd acts on a minor. 69-year-old singho of d.c. was taken into custody this morning. the organization he works for has held services at golden gate christian church in san francisco and at first presbyterian in concord. he has also worked out of his
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own daly city home. new leads on crimes committed years ago involving dna evidence sitting around waiting to be tested. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo on the bay area prosecutor on a mission to get justice for rape victims. >> within 72 hours of uploading we receive 27 hits. >> reporter: those are dna matches solid evidence connecting rapists to their victims. that evidence had been collecting dust for years in some cases. >> we are here to talk about a very serious problem. >> reporter: she announced hundreds of previously untested alameda county kits have been examined this year by a virginia lab. 55% matched a dna sample. >> it explains why it's important for every kit to be tested inist country. >> my kit sat for 9 1/2 years just collecting dust in police custody in new york city. >> reporter: while she is
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waiting for justice, her attacker was on a one-man crime spree. now she wants to raise awareness across the country. >> it's a failure of justice. >> reporter: o'malley estimates there are nearly half million untested rape kits nationwide about 2,000 in alameda county. many times kits are not tested. the police think they have their man. >> prevailing thought has been if you know the sex offender why would you test for dna? now we have far too many examples of cases where the known perpetrator known to the victim is also responsible for other crimes. >> reporter: the d.a. says private labs could help ease the backlog. federal lawmakers could approve 41 million to combat the issue and help give victims like natasha justice. >> i think i felt safe for the first time. >> reporter: in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> the alameda county d.a.'s office says it has not yet charged any suspects who had a dna match. an assistant d.a. says that information will come at a future press conference. what's it like to ride out a hurricane on the open ocean?
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three men caught in a boat off hawaii are back on dry land tonight and they're telling that story. we have video of their ordeal. this is what's left of their battered sailboat. the group set sail out of long beach more than three weeks ago on sunday, they were tossed around by the force of hurricane julio. winds 90 miles an hour. and extremely rough seas. the men were rescued by a container ship that was diverted to get them. they weren't hurt but their boat is still somewhere out in the ocean. surfers peeling off the wet suits along the california coast. that's thanks to unusually warm ocean temperatures. the surfers are loving it. but it could hurt those who make their livings off these waters. kpix 5 reporter len ramirez is live for us in santa cruz where waves are breaking and water temperatures arizing. >> reporter: veronica, the weather here in santa cruz is perfect but even on warm days the water temperature in santa cruz has always made people
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shiver except for this summer. you practically never see this in santa cruz, surfers stripped down to bare skin but this summer's warm air and unusually mild water temperatures have made wet suits at steamer's lane seem like a sauna. >> surf longer better more comfortable. >> reporter: these two have been surfing their way up the coast from ventura. >> easily past summers paddling out with a 2-millimeter wet suit but lately i have just been coming out in swim trunks. it's nice. >> this is monterey bay and this is where it seems we have had the warmest anomalies and differences above normal. >> reporter: this meteorologist says the usual water temperature in monterey bay is 58 to 60 degrees. but july broke records. >> last month they had the warmest ever july temperature in the water there of 68 degrees. >> reporter: he says it's not an el nino effect but the impact of a change in weather patterns. >> we haven't had as much of a sea breeze and without as much
6:18 pm
of a sea breeze we don't get all the upwelling of the cold water that we normally see along the california coast. >> the fish are staying down low. >> reporter: santa cruz fisherman says it's hurting him in the pocketbook. salmon are swimming deeper where it's colder making them harder to catch and the warmer temperatures are keeping some tuna away. >> usually in june, we're fishing albacore, june or july. nope. they're all up in oregon and washington. they never made it in here. >> reporter: he plans to sail out 100 miles tonight hoping his luck is better than his friends'. >> couple of guys went out spent $1,500 in fuel, zero fish. >> reporter: fishermen are watching this situation very closely because if this warm water pattern continues into the fall it could have a significant economic impact on the rest of the coast, especially here in central california. reporting live in santa cruz, len learn, kpix 5. >> surfers also say they see more jellyfish off the northern california coast because of all of that warm water.
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>> i don't know. flip a coin. this has been the strangest year i can ever remember in northern california. >> not global warming, not el nino. what's going on? >> we have what typically is a strong sea breeze or ocean influence of the water and we're not seeing that this year so the warm water that typically gets blown away upwelling where the cold water guess risen up to the surface, it's not happening. so what we are seeing is super duper -- we're not talking two or three degrees as len said, 10 degrees warmer. don't you want to be there? i do. santa cruz, capitola, oh!! gorgeous. and when the water is warm it's like bonus, like you're down in cabo just without the airfare and having to bring your passport. it's a live look from santa cruz right now where it's clear and let me contrast that shot right there with sfo. yeah, knows as sunny and the ocean water isn't as warm. we are cloudy on two levels. high, thin cirrus clouds. san francisco hit 70 today. napa, san jose 79.
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fremont 77. livermore 85. warm spot, morgan hill 91 degrees. kind of interesting. we do things weird around here weather-wise. stay and livermore you're like most of the rest of earth in that your average warmest day is in the heart of summertime. we'll still one month away from the average warmest day in san francisco because that usually happens when we get the offshore wind in san francisco september. that's the third week of september in san francisco. so why aren't we seeing the strong ocean influence? we typically see a northwest to southeast breeze. today another example, it's coming up from the south. we are seeing cloud cover because of that low pressure area. we miss the rain but tomorrow because of the southwest flow quite cloudy into the afternoon and temperatures down again. thursday things get back to normal high pressure back normal. to our south a west or northwest slow, less of the onshore influence, warming us
6:21 pm
up. tomorrow chilly, oakland 71, fremont 73, mountain view 76. high of 79 with lots of morning cloud cover for san rafael. napa 80. check out concord. only 79 degrees. almost 10 degrees below average. extended forecast, sunshine is back on thursday afternoon. we'll keep it through the weekend. very seasonal. low 70s near the bay. mid- to upper 60s at the coast. and no heat wave inland. mid- to upper 80s. so you know what's strange, already august has been wetter than january. what? the ocean is 70 degrees. it just -- you know, for anybody who is trying to predict this winter, don't because we have no idea. >> when you said you know what's really weird -- >> yeah, everything! let's start with january. then february and march, april -- >> thanks, paul. still ahead, a different way to filter your water. it starts with collecting rain. a bay area company's solution for the drought. -close drawers! where's my room?
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high paying tech jobs at apple? it's white and asian men according to a breakdown by the company. 54% of the company's tech jobs in the u.s. are handled by whites according to apple. 23% by asians. men make up 80% of apple's tech force throughout the world. in a letter, ceo tim cook says he is dissatisfied with that lack of diversity and outlined ways the company can be more inclusive. new at 6:00 making rainwater even cleaner than what comes out of your faucet. kpix 5's john ramos shows us how a bay area company is making the transformation. >> reporter: if necessity is the mother of invention, then this drought is giving birth to a lot of new ideas about saving water. >> we are innovative and outside of the box. >> reporter: bob banos of mill valley has developed a system to collect rainwater coming off a roof and store it in a large stainless steel tank next to the house. >> there are a number of
6:25 pm
systems available for collecting rainwater for garden use but the difference between those and this system is that this water is cleaner than what's coming out of your tap. that's because he has connected the tank to an array of high- tech filters. his normal city water supply keeps the tank filled during dry weather. but when barometric sensors detect a storm coming, the system automatically draws down the tank. >> then that tank will be empty, the rain will come, you have now collected the rain and here in san francisco bay area, we would save about 10% of our water bill. >> reporter: the tank holds 1300 gallons an eight month supply of drinking water in an emergency. and it even has a fire hose connector in case of a wildfire. banos's friend used to operate water treatment plants and says this is a small idea that could have a big impact if the drought continues. >> mother nature is going to do what she does. we don't know the patterns so we have to start moving forward with new technologies starting with, uhm, starting with one
6:26 pm
person, one family. >> reporter: the system is only a prototype now but demand for it could depend on the uncertainty people feel about the availability of water in the future. in mill valley, john ramos, kpix 5. >> banos says right now the entire system will cost about $12,000. similar to the cost of installing a solar electric system in a house. cool. >> yeah. water for the whole year. >> right. coming up in the next half- hour, we are going to continue to follow all of the memorials for actor and bay area native robin williams. one of those is popping up at this iconic san francisco home. we'll bring you the owner's interesting back story and how he relates to the actor. >> also, a $10 million heist. how robbers manage to steal so much cash and get away. ,,,,
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a wreath was laid at h the memorials are growing in honor of the late actor and
6:30 pm
comedian robin williams. a wreath was laid at his star on the hollywood walk of fame today in addition to the other flowers and candles left by fans. >> outside his home in tiburon, an outpouring of support from neighbors and a lot of bay area fans, as well. williams left a lasting impression on everyone now matter how briefly he met them. fernandez morales remembers his conversation with him 30 years ago like it was yesterday. >> i saw him, i recognize him, you know, and i says hi and he says hi. and we start talking because he was walking by himself. it was strange that, you know, a very famous guy walking by himself. so he is very friendly. >> flowers and notes are piling up outside williams' tiburon home. friends, neighbors and total strangers have been stopping by all day to pay their respects. >> another tribute in front of a house in san francisco. flowers and messages being left
6:31 pm
in front of the "mrs. doubtfire" home as it's called. the memorial now covers the entire front stairway. the house was made famous as the setting for the movie about a divorced father turned nanny. kpix 5's mike sugerman tells us the home's current owner has a special connection to one of robin williams' most famous roles. mike. >> reporter: this is an incredible story but you can see all the flowers here and the notes. you will be missed, nano, nanu from morning and minute did i but this was the house that "mrs. doubtfire" was shot in and the current owner and the family that lives here, they have quite a story to tell, as well. >> our marriage is not ending. it's just on hiatus. >> reporter: "mrs. doubtfire" tells the story of a man who wants to stay close to his family so he pretends to be a female nanny. >> would you make me a woman? >> reporter: this way he gets to stay in-house. the house on broadway and
6:32 pm
steiner that will be known as the "mrs. doubtfire" house and where hundreds of people came the past 24 hours to drop off notes and flowers. >> there are people that live in that home so i'm wondering what their reaction is to all this. >> reporter: no need to worry. >> nice tribute to robin williams, isn't it? that's fine. >> reporter: the doctor and his wife now live in the house a fitting tribute to "mrs. doubtfire." >> surprise. >> i make boys faces into girls faces, the transgender world. >> reporter: if "mrs. doubtfire" had gone to a plastic surgeon, douglas ouster haus, he wrote the book on his craft so in 1997 when he was looking for a house he found that this home was on the market. >> it's sort of a natural thinking about what the movie is all about. how she portrayed "mrs. doubtfire." >> reporter: he knew he was buying a house steeped in hollywood and san francisco history. so he has a pretty good attitude towards all the attention. >> i used to tell people i did a service for the fbi.
6:33 pm
you know about fingerprints. i get nose prints on the windows. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he lets them stay for a while give the stuffed animals away and toss the flowers. he must really like the movie. >> it's funny. i never watched it. >> reporter: he has seen a lot of pieces of it at various times on cable. he thinks it's okay. but he could have done a much better job on "mrs. doubtfire." maybe he will watch it in the future. he is 79 years old. still works everyone day until friday, and the doctor is going to retire. it's been quite a week for him, ken. >> amazing story. coincidence? who knows. >> reporter: he wanted it that way. >> one of those things. mike sugerman inch is, thanks, mike. check this out. at the national portrait gallery in washington, d.c., the museum paying tribute to robin williams. the photo is williams' march 1979 "time" magazine cover.
6:34 pm
another movie legend has died. actress lauren bacall was 89. vinita nair on the star who rose to fame in hollywood's golden age and stole the heart of america's leading man. >> i went to a lot of trouble to get you out of here. >> that's why i didn't go. >> reporter: lauren bacall became a star in her very first film playing opposite humphrey bogart in to have and have not. in her husky voice, she delivered one of the most famous lines in film history. >> you know how to whistle, don't you, steve? you just put your lips together and blow. >> reporter: and she perfected her trademark look, chin down, eyes up to the camera. a look that actually came about by accident. >> i would always shake, i really was nervous. i was like this. i had no confidence in myself. and so i found that my head would shake and i found that the only way i could keep it still would be to just hold my head down and look up. >> reporter: her film debut immediately made her one of hollywood's leading ladies.
6:35 pm
she also met her future husband. bacall was 19 when she met bogart. he was 45. >> what would your first step be? >> the usual one. >> i didn't know there was a usual one. >> sure there is. >> reporter: they starred together again if the big sleep and later in key largo. >> there you are. >> and here's leslie. >> reporter: while they continued making movies, they also started a family having two kids. but in 1957, bogaard died of cancer. bacall said she never got over the loss. stealing his heart was just the opening act in a career that lasted decades and made her one of the last of the stars of hollywood's golden age. vinita nair, cbs news. >> bacall was briefly engaged to frank sinatra and later married jason robards. stroke related issues are listed as the cause of death. the person accused of setting off the third largest fire in california history turned himself in. prosecutors say keith emerald
6:36 pm
started the "rim" fire near yosemite when an illegal campfire got away from him. he faces up to 11 years in prison, more than half a million dollars in fines. emerald appeared in federal court in fresno this afternoon entering a not guilty plea. a huge heist in chile read like the plot of a hollywood movie. eight armed thieves made off with at least $10 million after robbing an armored truck at the airport in santiago. they got in through the cargo terminal easily overpowering the unarmed private security guards inside. their getaway van was later found abandoned and empty in a nearby field. still ahead, the "rideshare" wars heat up. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, claims of thousands of bogus bookings and how they benefited the other guys. ,, ,,,,,, ...we need to break up.
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forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. up between uber and lift... on the consumer watch, julie watts reports on accus the ridesharing rivalry is heating up between uber and
6:39 pm
lyft. on the consumerwatch, julie watts reports on accusations by both companies that drivers are playing dirty. >> reporter: first lyft accused uber employees of booking and then canceling more than 5,000 ride in an effort to tie up lyft drivers. then uber accused lyft of doing the same thing twice as many times and said one of lyft's cofounders was even involved. but this rivalry is nothing new. they have been poaching each other's drivers with a $500 incentive. uber announced a service before lyft did. shortly after lyft raised $250 million in funding, uber investors got $1 billion. uber says the latest attacks are part of the fallout. for those of us who drive ourselves around, good news about gas prices. aaa reports the average price per gallon in the golden state
6:40 pm
dropped 23 cents. in northern california it's lower. an update on the story we have been following for quite some time. there's been a lot of talk about these walmart ice cream sandwiches following a viral video that showed one had melted after an hour in the sun. well, consumer reports put walmart ice cream sandwiches to the test against a series of other brands and while the walgreens and blue bunny bars also held their shape for over 30 minutes in the sun, the walmart sandwich was soft but not melted after an hour. now, in a statement, walmart says, ice cream with more cream will melt slower. but consumer reports contends it's the gum additives that are responsible for the slow melt. here's the deal though. these additives are considered safe as they are fda-approved and they are common in many processed foods. for what it's worth, weeks ago we tried to replicate this experiment but for some reason our walmart ice cream sandwiches melted on my desk in
6:41 pm
less than an hour. so we're not sure about the discrepancy. if you have a complaint or story idea or something you would like us to test out, call our hotline 888-5-helps-u. >> science would tell us that tv lights are hotter than the sun. >> except for it was on my desk so it was just the overheadlights. not sure. >> doesn't sound appetizing. so unnatural. >> either way preservatives, they do funny stuff to the food. >> pass. >> all right. thank you. still ahead, a very specific job fair. >> this one for adults only. why strip clubs are having trouble recruiting help. >> and traffic tonight. looking not the greatest heading into the city. live peek outside shows you a lot of cars wanting to get into the city but slow going. and cloud cover outside. what's up with that? how long will it last? details coming up. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the raiders take their show to southern california. >> what a hell of an atmosphere to practice football in.
6:42 pm
>> the manning brothers take their show to tv. >> the greatest thing that ever [ indiscernible ] >> and why an nba star show isn't canceled quite yet. >> still alive. [ laughter ] >> showtime coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it makes me happy to go on the computer.
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look no further than your l strip club. kpix 5's mike sugerman found out: they're having a tou need more proof the economy is on the rebound? look no further than your local strip club. mike sugerman found out they are having a tough time hiring. >> reporter: where do they get the people who work in these places? here. >> now that san francisco has one of the lowest unemployment rates it's been hard for us to find good qualified hospitality staff. >> reporter: easier in the bad economy now jobs go wanting. so a group of adult clubs held this job fair. >> from bartenders to door hosts, entertainers. >> reporter: here for the job fair. >> welcome. >> reporter: are you hiring men? >> what's your name? >> mike sugerman. >> is that your stage name? >> reporter: sugar men. i could be the sugar man especially with the money you
6:46 pm
make. >> $200 to $400. >> reporter: a night? >> yeah. >> reporter: still, entertainers are taking most of their clothes off. it's not hard. >> being an entertainer is an honest living. uhm -- it's legit and we're not doing anything we're not supposed to be doing. >> unfortunately, my parents can look forward to putting me in [ indiscernible ] so i can be in juilliard and i just always have this such like a passion towards dancing. >> reporter: kiana came in from tracy. >> i have a nice body. if someone else has a nice body, why not show it off? >> like me? >> yes, mike. look at those nice curves right there. >> reporter: all right. she offered me some lessons. there was no pole. so we used our camera's tripod. >> yeah, mike. yeah. >> then you dance around and around. kind of shake it. shake it. shake it. huh, mike. [ laughter ] >> careful mike. >> that's how do you it. >> reporter: i'll need some
6:47 pm
more lessons. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> i say he has the job. pretty cut and dried. >> hired. >> it had to happen. there will be no more hidden cash drops at hidden catch tweeted today. they say all good things come to an end and for us, we realize that time is now for this phase of hidden cash. real estate mogul jason buzi hid has cash in the bay area. then he tweeted clues about where to find it. he says while he enjoyed making people happy and seeing smiles on people's faces, it became more than a full-time job for him but he and his partners are coming up with new ways to give back. a creepy crime thousands of feet in the air. the troubling thing that happened on the a flight headed to the bay area. that story tonight on bay area nightbeat coming up at 10:00 on
6:48 pm
the cw. oh. if this dig doesn't work out you can go up the street. >> i still can't get over the sugerman and his impressive moves. >> whatever works. gainful employment, right, guys? >> all right. weather time. gosh, i hope this gig works out. [ laughter ] >> my fingers and toes are crossed. we'll go to dub where we have mainly sunny skies. filtered "shush" a lot of cloud cover building in this afternoon but a gorgeous shot nonetheless and all that cirrus cloud cover will give us a spectacular sunset. it pays to be in fastrak because those folks are buzzing root through the bay bridge tolls. otherwise you are waiting. temperatures outside, cooling down. livermore 74. santa rosa 71. so much warmer yesterday. we'll explain the temperatures have dropped. it goes hand in hand with the cloud cover. san bruno 69. oakland 72. san francisco 67. a wide shot of the entire northern california area, sets the stage for you. there is rain toward medford a few showers around shasta lake and redding and thunderstorms
6:49 pm
over nevada. but for us. we are seeing nothing. look what's going on in ritzville, washington, about one hour west of spokane. that is a 500-foot-high dust storm! they have seen wind gusts in eastern washington up to 60 miles per hour. and there is a bona fide dust storm rumbling through an area that typically doesn't see weather like that. big-time problems in eastern washington. for us, it will give us cloud cover and will give us a comfortable night tonight. san rafael 57. fremont 59. concord 59. so the low pressure area bringing that dust storm to east washington is this guy right here. the same source of our cloud cover. here comes the cloud cover rolling in this afternoon. and it will be the reason why tomorrow's temperatures will be even cooler than today for some of you running about 10 degrees below average. rain, no. oregon and washington gets the rainfall, far northern california not for us but we get the south-to-southwest flow. that's a humid cloudy flow of air for us and we'll have it once again tomorrow even stronger than today. so temperatures kept down. some of you will not see the sun until midafternoon tomorrow. then on thursday, all is right with the world once again. low pressure takes off. we get more of a west to
6:50 pm
northwest wind. less of that ocean influence. and that will give us sunshine earlier and milder temperatures. but for tonight the clouds and fog will push inland most of the bay area starting off cloudy. tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week but sunshine and milder weather does return on thursday. concord and san jose, you will not hit 80 tomorrow. that's well below average. milpitas morning cloud cover 76. los altos 79. barely into the 80s for walnut creek and san ramon. san francisco 68 tomorrow a foggy start. cloverdale 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. cloudy cooler tomorrow. thursday the sunshine is back and the weekend looks gorgeous. 70s near the bay. mid- to upper 80s inland. warm but not hot. two minutes we have sports. ,, ,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner.
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and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? ans in raider nation showed up in full force in oxnard. oakland began joint practices with the dallas cowboys with fans in southern california shouting, come back! come back! magic johnson among the celebrities in taken dance for the raiders trip down to southern california. tommy lasorda in the house wearing his dodger blue. several fights broke out during practice late this afternoon. not enough though though dampen
6:54 pm
the spirits of dennis allen. >> i'm going to start off by just saying, what a hell of an atmosphere to practice football in. i don't like the fights. you know, i want could tomorrow out and practice football. we don't have a lot of time for all the fighting. certainly don't want to get anybody injured in any type of fisticuffs. i think both got a lot out of it. the rehab process is under way for pausers all-star paul george -- pacers all-star paul george who had a broken leg while playing for team usa. he is out for the year. for some of the indianapolis media the injury is like a death in the family. >> are there any plans to have to wear a patch or anything like that during the season for him or any way honor -- >> he's still alive! [ laughter ] >> any way to honor him at all? >> i don't think we're going to do that. we'll just pat him on the back every once in a while.
6:55 pm
[ laughter ] >> one of those questions we have all been there. wish we could get that one back. staying alive is also the chant of one raider hopeful whose career has gone from holding a mop to holding a spot on the roster. dan kistler signed with the oakland raiders as an undrafted free agent on may 16 fulfilling a dream of playing in the nfl. >> my dad growing up watching long and all those guys, running around making plays, winning championships, i mean, being able to bring the tradition back is exciting for me to be part of it. >> reporter: his road to the league was unique. he was highly recruited in high school. but an injury plagued senior season changed everything. >> played the rest of the season with injuries and at the end of the year i didn't really have anyplace to go. my dad woke me up one morning and it was like hey, man, you have to go get a job. you have to get in the real world.
6:56 pm
i was like, man, where's everything going for me? i had all these hopes of going to college and possibly getting a shot at the nfl. >> reporter: with his big 10 dreams shattered he attended the local community college and got a job as a janitor at his old elementary school. >> i was just able to keep my, uhm, kind of hopes up and keep my morale high through that time. but, you know, i would be lying if i said it was easy. you know, i trade every day with my uncle and i was working out and sending my tape out to everybody i could. i really didn't know whether it was going to be a realization for me or not but i just thought you might as well try. >> reporter: and that trying paid off. the 6'7", 300-pound lineman never gave up. in 2010, he earned a spot at the university of montana and now he is third on the depth charts of the raiders offensive line. >> you're here for a reason. things don't just happen by accident especially at this level. you don't just make it here on accident. so i feel every day is blessed and i mean, all the adverse situations i have made it
6:57 pm
through, it's only going to help me in the future. >> dan kistler, of course, will never be in peyton manning's league. the future hall of famer and nfl pitchman is at it again with brother eli. >> talking fantasy football. >> fantasy. >> fantasy -- >> fantasy -- [ rap ] ♪[ music ] >> the greatest thing -- [ indiscernible ] ♪[ music ] while broadway joe and your mom makes do. ♪[ music ] >> broadway joe? [ laughter ] >> obviously did the commercials. peyton manning certainly doesn't look like a guy who lost big time in the super bowl. does he? >> i don't think i'm going to eat again for the rest of my life after looking at that. >> broadway joe in the kitchen -- >> oh, man. >> nightmare. captions by: caption colorado ro. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at welcome home! give him the tour. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! let me show you!
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to play "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey! [theme music playing] steve: ha ha ha! detroit! ha ha ha! how are y'all doing? i appreciate you. thank you much now. how are y'all doing? thank you much, y'all. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. boy, we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, from bedford, indiana, it's the steele family! [cheering and applause] and from detroit, michigan-- my--i love this town!-- it's the fowlkes family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new fuel-efficient ford fusion.


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